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A Dessert Café in the Northland?


Have you ever wanted a new date night alternative, a place to grab a specialty dessert right when you need it, or just to have some more unique food options made available in the Northland?


I've been toying around with some ideas in these areas but could really benefit from having feedback from people like you. Regardless of how frequently you purchase items from a bakery, go out to eat for dessert, or think it would/wouldn't be something of interest to you, your preferences are so important to making this dream something that is relevant and desirable to the general population. 

If you have a minute to help a girl out, I would love to get your thoughts. All you have to do is answer these 12 questions and click "Submit." Your feedback is like gold and is very much appreciated. 


I'd love to know your thoughts if you have a minute.

Would you frequent a food establishment that only served desserts/coffee/tea assuming it was all amazing, the price was reasonable, and they carried your favorites?
What days of the week would you be most likely to go out for dessert/drinks (choose up to 4 days)?
Mark up to 4 things that are most important to you when choosing a food establishment. 
When looking for a place to go out to eat/drink, I look for an establishment…
What type of food establishment location would you find most appealing?
What do you look for when choosing a dessert?
When picking out a dessert to serve at an event, I look for...

I greatly appreciate you taking time to fill out this Bakery Questionnaire. Your feedback is as precious as gold!

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